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What Is a Podcast? How Podcasts Work and How to Get Started

Podcasts are for students who are looking to get a little extra edge, mothers who want to have a little time set aside for them and workers looking for a laugh on their lunch time. If you’re a host with a bit higher standards, the Fujifilm X S20 is a fantastic choice. This means recording each speaker separately so that you can edit and make changes to each person’s audio individually. You’ll also need to test the tone to see what format resonates with your audience. Some tried and true options are Libsyn, Podbean, Buzzsprout, and SoundCloud. 95/month gives you ad free access to their whole catalog of podcasts. And so the term podcasting was born, from iPod and broadcast. Anyone if they have at least a couple of pieces of podcast equipment, that typically includes a mic, podcast recording software such as Waveroom, headphones, and some post production software. Host Patty Palmer is dedicated to empowering elementary art teachers through this podcast. “, then you might be ready to jump to the following guides. Make sure the podcast’s name is legible across multiple sizes as listeners will primarily see it on their cellphones. Com account and validating your username you will be redirected to the creation page of your podcast.

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What Is a Podcast Network? Everything You Need to Know

All podcasts are audio content, but some creators also film video podcast episodes for various social media platforms. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. You have a ton of options when it comes to podcast content in almost every niche. If you haven’t before, you should give it a watch on Youtube. All of this can be more expensive than basic audio equipment. This site should also give people the chance to opt into a mailing list, which you can use to reach out on launch day. On August 18, 2014, the EFF announced that Adam Carolla had settled with Personal Audio. Best day to publish a podcast: Tuesday/Wednesday. I’m sure I’m mixing metaphors at this point, but I figure “mixing” is an appropriate sin in an audio medium. However, it’s actually your recording environment and mic technique that are the two most important factors when it comes to running a professional sounding audio podcast.

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A podcast can easily be created from a digital audio file. Hosting companies then distribute these audio files to streaming services, such as Apple and Spotify, which users can listen to on their smartphones or digital music and multimedia players. If you’re based in the US, however, you can click through and explore. It will eliminate the cost and effort of doing it yourself. You will mull this over for ever. You can distribute to all major podcast directories and, although you’ll need at least 500 weekly downloads, RedCircle also offers advertisement insertions which is a big plus for a free plan. This may significantly over estimate audiences: as one example: a listener on a laptop on their home wifi, who then travels to work listening via a cellular phone, and while at work connects to wifi in the office on their desktop, may appear as three separate people. Science Fiction and Fantasy: The fiction or podcast theater format thrives in the realms of science fiction and fantasy, offering a canvas for creators to paint vivid worlds and epic adventures through immersive soundscapes. Finding and booking guests is time consuming. There are multiple ways you might go down that road, both within and outside of Spotify for Podcasters. It has three light temperature settings to align with other lights in the room, as well as a built in adjustable smartphone Tripod. Really interesting insight about the future of podcasting and AI. On the Podcasts tab, Click the Videos button next to your new playlist. You can use this link for $20 off any contest. I think you will see 10 year Treasury notes go up to at least 4. Typically, podcasters will record and edit digital content and share it with an audience. Podcasters using Anchor can distribute their content to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other platforms with a built in one click option or use their RSS feed to share their projects with other apps. More than half of the U. GarageBand allows you to record the audio from your podcast microphone and save it as an MP3. If you’ve been wondering how https://thebunkerpodcast.com/#section-n3 to start a podcast, this might be one of the best podcast formats for you. It also does not have a sound pad where you can pre program music clips, etc. Record in studio quality without the studio. You may have stories, knowledge to share, or opinions to offer. Your email address will not be published. As a result, you will have more command over the loudness and modulation of your voice during the recording process. Put simply, a podcast is a series of episodes. Listeners can download the file to their devices or stream it through a listening app.

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A podcast download is successful when the person has downloaded your podcast from the app to their device. Yes, you can convert your written blog content into a podcast. Try Shopify for free, no credit card required. At the very least, you’ll need a camera, lights, and video editing software and of course, a good microphone. YouTube is a lot more engaging than written content like your blog posts, and it lets you get creative in many different ways. Plus, many of your listeners will hear your podcast through headphones, so it makes sense to edit that way. Do you think that the benefit of international diversification is overrated, or is it still worth having a non US allocation to stocks. To give your podcast the best start in life, it needs to be different from the rest. 8% of all podcast downloads. These tend to be in the form of top picks, charts, or other curated suggestions. A strong video thumbnail accompanies all good video podcasts. The Sony ZV 1 is a great camera for podcasting. It features long form, largely unedited interviews with celebrities, political figures, scientists and other interesting people. Enhanced podcasts were first used in 2006. The audio gets released in the traditional podcast format.

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Let’s Simplify: A Legal Checklist for Podcasts

If the video seems dull or washed out, consider adjusting the color grading in your video editing software. You can use this to your advantage as well. You also want to pay attention to resolution as some platforms cap on this as well. You can also try out a couple of different types to see which fits your content the best and adjust if you need to. Many podcast websites also contain links to past episodes, and listeners can usually listen to episodes directly from the site if they choose. Adobe Creative Cloud Express previously Adobe Spark is a free service similar to Canva. Open the Podcasts app. You can listen to any episode you like. Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may need to enlist the help of professionals for various jobs. Instead of reviewing your data across multiple platforms, Castos puts everything in one simple place. There are many types of podcasts, and no 2 podcasts are exactly alike. There are a variety of free podcast hosting services available, or services that have both free and paid plans. A lot of podcast platforms include a “hook” or short description along with the podcast name. The term was first used in the audioblogging community in September 2004, when Danny Gregoire introduced it in a message to the iPodder dev mailing list, from where it was adopted by podcaster Adam Curry. Podcastle minimizes this risk with its multitrack recording feature. While these generally include audio editing controls as well, you might still need a separate tool for more specific audio editing. So, think of ‘Friends’ as the series and ‘The One Where They Got Married’ as the episode. Listen and learn more here. Search your show’s topic in Apple Podcasts.

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Did I get the right answers. A podcast is a digital audio file music, discussions, interviews, etc. Here’s a closer look at its features. Examples: Sony CX405 Handycam, Panasonic HC V770K, GoPro HERO 8 Black. It is also compatible with your Apple Watch to give you even easier access on the go. You must know the following, at the very least. Other playlists include tutorials, comedy bits, cooking, etc. This memorandum, including the information contained herein, may not be copied, reproduced, republished, or posted in whole or in part, in any form without the prior written consent of Oaktree. Every podcaster has its notion of an ideal podcasting setup. 15 May • Website Development • Production •. In this article, I’m going to explain how I’ve been using generative video in combination with Descript to supercharge my creativity — and how you can do the same. After all, 5:30am on the east coast of the United States is 2:30am on the west coast.

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Here are a few lighting options recommended in the lighting tutorial playlist created by the YouTube and podcasting pros at Think Media. The ban on including adverts in podcasts going to be a massive problem for many major podcasters. In each episode, the hosts pick a book, choosing from the classics, something from the New York Times Bestsellers List, or anything that even just looks particularly terrible, and they report back on how bad the book really was. Using keywords in your title can help potential listeners find your content in directories Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. I believe I can craft a compelling narrative myself and deliver that story. Is a video producer with over 15 years of experience in podcasting. The main purpose of a podcast is to entertain, educate, or inspire an audience. These recordings were similar to modern day personal podcasts but were limited to offline sharing with friends, family, or a small circle of acquaintances. Typically, podcasters will record and edit digital content and share it with an audience. Unlike public speaking, you can’t see your audience and how they are reacting to what you are saying. Also, this style of podcast may not suit your specific niche, so be mindful of that. For instance, GarageBand and Logic Pro only work on iOS devices. If you can create educational material that is also entertaining, you’ll foster more enthusiastic and excited listeners who will tune in weekly to your show. By clicking “Accept All,” you consent to store on your device all the technologies described in our Cookie Policy. Consumer Health Privacy. Although Podbean does not offer any free trials, you can always sign up for the free package or the cheaper options and upgrade if you decide you want more features. Not unless you’re thinking about starting your own podcast.


That works pretty well, but I think those podcasts also lose listeners. For journalists and storytellers, that usually means crafting a compelling narrative that keeps listeners coming back. Save Money on PodcastingSave money and cut costs in your podcasting workflow. Instead, when audio journalling, people would record their personal thoughts or experiences on cassette tapes using portable tape recorders. The optimal length of video podcast episodes depends on your content and target audience. Just as the episodic nature of podcasts works well for long form nonfiction storytelling, fiction also does well in podcast form. So it sits aside a few others. As you work through the steps above, here’s how to complete each required field to set up your podcast’s RSS feed. Don’t worry about mistakes, stammers, or silence. Be intimate and engage the listener on a one to one basis. Use the pre production stage to plan. So we planned a launch date. But number 3 surprised me. High quality audio requires the right podcast equipment, solid recording techniques, and basic audio editing chops. Having that amount of impact is why being mainstream is so powerful, and why so many strive to reach it. Put simply, podcasts are kind of a big deal. Before you record, there are some things you need to prepare. Like books, movies, and other forms of entertainment, podcasts cover various topics. While these generally include audio editing controls as well, you might still need a separate tool for more specific audio editing.


This platform is ideal for experienced podcasters in need of a host that can measure and report key data about their show. It can be through podcasts or YouTube. Many Podcast Producers will have started by producing their own podcasts, to show their creative flair and editing skills, before adding other clients to their rostrum. Like other content based endeavours, podcasts typically earn money through sponsorships advertising. However, comparing yourself or copying is never ideal. Start with budget friendly microphones, headphones, and recording software. You’ll need to know your format before you give it a name and create cover artwork, and certainly before you record your first episode. The podcasters themselves usually do this. And as it needs no licensing or other stuff, you don’t need to invest much. Best high end podcast digital recorder. Video podcasts are still on the rise and not all podcasting applications accommodate video just yet. So, okay, does this tool, does it only show active podcasts or does it, is that. This format works well for businesses and brands that produce large amounts of content and is common in news media. Such elements of a podcast episode as guests, a podcast jingle, music, sound effects, and a video image aren’t necessary for podcast creation. Typical microphones for podcasting are connected using USB. This could be an overall theme that drives your series or a unique premise that sets your podcast apart. Otherwise, connect up to your car via Bluetooth, or start listening on Echo or another smart speaker.

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Head on over to Distribution in the platform and submit your show to multiple directories at the same time with a click of a button. Then, we’ll answer several frequently asked questions about 2023’s favorite audio medium. You waste money and there’s a chance you’re going to get some of your reviews taken down because they do it with bots. You should already be active and present in your target audience’s online communities, so don’t be afraid to ask for this little bump. Getting SupportStruggling to get the right support from the right people. There are multiple ways you might go down that road, both within and outside of Spotify for Podcasters. As new podcasts and episodes come out, the podcast charts change but based on Edison Research’s 2022 third quarter report these are the top 10 most popular podcasts going into 2023. We have built Cohost AI into Buzzsprout to make your upload process easier and more streamlined, allowing you to focus more on your episode content. If you’re recording in a studio with a nice interface, then you could opt for a condenser mic.


This limit is related to the camera’s onboard memory. That’s really all you need to get a good level of sound quality. A lot of beginner podcasters get themselves in a tangle by imagining talking to themselves or just talking to a microphone when they start recording. And I have never, ever met someone from a mutual fund or a financial advisor who said that I don’t get enormous value out of my Morningstar subscription and Morningstar Direct. This post will serve as a guide through the step by step process of how to video podcast, even if you’re just getting started. When it comes to a podcast hosting platform, we suggest investing some money in a paid subscription. – and where many people get confused, is in the difference between a simple audio file and a full blown podcast. Should you start a blog or should you start a podcast. If you want a slightly higher quality version then the Elgato Cam Link for $100 will be for you. A survey is a great way to gauge the interest of your audience. But for podcasts, this relic of the web’s early days has proved the underlying system by which listeners find new shows and stay on top of episodes as they’re released. A podcast should be marketed across all major channels like social media, newsletters, and blog posts. Simply click play on the audio player to enjoy the episode. This is perfect for listeners, as it allows them to gravitate towards shows that match their current interests. Try Mailchimp risk free with a 1 month trial. “Size: Square; 3000 x 3000 pixels. A pop filter will attach to your mic stand or boom arm. Hit the ground running with this Descript tutorial. The monologue or non fictional storytelling formats may be more appropriate for your show. Films, podcasts, and original series that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a good idea to look for microphones with a shock mount and a built in pop filter. In a standard podcast, you can cut out a mistake and no one will know. They protect your inventions from being copied by competitors. Bitesized/Short formGrow your short form podcast quickly and easily. However, you also know there are significant differences between a podcast vs. This is yet another way that his medium is rapidly gaining dominance and should indeed be capitalized on. There are several different mobile applications that allow people to follow and listen to podcasts. Wrapped up in a huge hub of recordings Apple Podcasts, etc that you can explore, download and listen to on your own time.

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Check out Canva, where you’ll find loads of different designs and templates. This type of structure is enticing for advertisers because it allows them to spread their ads across multiple shows. Some podcasts create specific live shows to tour which are not necessarily included on the podcast feed. Making a bullet point list of talking points will do the job. If your microphone picks your voice from meters away, it won’t be an issue. Think traditional radio shows where people dial in to chat with the hosts. Otherwise, connect up to your car via Bluetooth, or start listening on Echo or another smart speaker. Amanda Warfield: What would it be. Podcasting has a lot of benefits for brands and businesses, but it’s important to be realistic about your goals. And so, modern podcasting was born. Not Enough Monetization OpportunitiesStruggling to make money. Security of the PlatformState of the art tech stack coupled with multi factor auth. It’ll drastically simplify and even automate much of what it takes to create a podcast episode. All of them have videos set to autoplay, muted by default. Using a three point lighting setup is recommended to create a balanced look. As we look into the future, it’s clear podcasts will continue to evolve at the hands of creative producers.

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Interviewing someone from across the country or world. Just like TV shows, these podcasts use tension, climaxes, and cliffhangers to tell their stories. Castos is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. That’s why we’re breaking down everything you need to know about podcast formats: what they are, the different types, and how to choose your own. Ford Motor Company took this approach with Bring Back Bronco, making their series more accessible to people who don’t use Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or other audio focused listening apps. Removing unwanted phrases or correcting errors is as simple as deleting or typing in the text. Start growing your ecommerce business even faster. Freakonomics comes to YouTube. Podcast 2 launched in a blaze of publicity three days ago.


These are generally the most informal style, with anywhere from solo hosts to a roundtable discussion. A podcaster normally buys this service from a podcast hosting company such as SoundCloud or Libsyn. There’s a podcast for any potential audience, from educational podcasts to laugh out loud funny podcasts. Check out our guide on how to start a podcast and this podcast starter kit guide for some basic gear recommendations and start recording. ⚙️ Stitcher: Known for its meticulous selection and refined recommendations. Some podcasts create specific live shows to tour which are not necessarily included on the podcast feed. For what it’s worth, it also has noise canceling technology for natural and clear interactions. The honest truth is you can start a podcast for free, but we recommend investing in at least a good microphone, headphones as well as recording software. If you’d like to create a podcast for your business or brand, let Contra match you with the perfect music engineer or audio engineer to help bring your vision to life. But podcasting audio, YouTube video, and blogging shownotes can all complement each other in a sustainable and effective manner. To help you monetize your project, Podbean Patron is available on Podbean’s apps for iOS and Android, where listeners can donate funds to support you. The difference comes when you add the option to subscribe to that series of audio files. This is a great way to not only reach more people, but to monetize your podcast. Example from Pod Save America by Crooked Media. Share the podcast’s name, mention your name as the host or simply create an animated video of your logo. Getting your podcast on YouTube can do wonders for your search rankings and discoverability. This allows audiences to engage with content in their preferred format. If you’d like to record directly onto a device and an SD card, or if your podcast is in person and you won’t have a laptop, you can get an XLR recorder. When you use video footage, you can also share information that would be difficult to convey via audio content. If you’re comfortable filming yourself, we’ve seen multiple podcasts go viral after posting original content to TikTok. And that resonated with me, because I realized that it applies to investing pretty much as well—that half of investing is mathematics, and the other half is Shakespeare. An RSS feed is what makes your podcast, your podcast. Typical microphones for podcasting are connected using USB. As you collect the information, start drafting an ideal listener avatar so you can continue building this persona as your show comes to life. This is an excellent way to get your first 100 subscribers if you have the money. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise—without prior written permission of the publisher, except as provided by United States of America For permission requests, write to the publisher “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below. Simply put, a podcast is an audio programme, just like Talk Radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone, computer, or any other suitable device, and listen to it whenever you like.

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